1. What is Combat Archery? It’s an exciting new team activity that is best described as a cross between paintball and dodgeball.
2. Does it hurt? The short answer is no. Our arrows are specially designed with a foam tip so that they do not hurt when they hit you. You will feel the arrow hit you but it won’t hurt and won’t leave any bruises, unlike paintball.
3. Do we really need 10 people? For the game to work well you need two teams. You could play with eight people but if your group is smaller, you won’t have as much fun. Our bookings are based on a minimum of ten people as that is how we manage to keep our costs down.
4. Are there any hidden costs? There are no hidden costs, you do not need to buy ammunition. Everything you need is included in our prices. We do have a number of snacks and beverages available for purchase, but that’s entirely up to you.
5. Is there an age limit? We suggest that ten years old is a sensible lower age limit due to the nature of the game and the size of the equipment. Small children may struggle. There is no upper age limit though so feel free to bring your (grand)parents.
6. Do we need any special equipment? The only thing you need is a sensible pair of shoes, we recommend playing in trainers. Everything else you need is provided by us.